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Applied Computer Science and Emerging Technology Courses

bitWise is the #1 next generation AI-driven Adaptive eLearning platform that enables students in schools and colleges to learn applied computer science and several emerging technology areas in a self-paced manner. Our integrated Applied Computer Science curriculum blends computer science with several topics in STEM, art, music, games, and introduces students to many tools and programming languages as well. Students program using a variety of tools and languages such as MIT Scratch. AppLab Studio, BlueJ for Java, Adobe Photoshop, Python, and many other exciting technologies.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides a variety of exciting courses in the emerging areas of Video Gaming, Space Tech, Robotics, Data Science, Computer Science and Programming, Hardware Applications, Mobile Development, Bio Tech, Virtual Reality. and many more. Our courses vary from basic introductory courses to intermediate and advanced courses. Students across Grades K - 12 and college students have benefited from bitWise Academy courses.

What students and parents Say

Testimonials from real parents and students worldwide


Parent of 6th Grader

“As a parent, I get the metrics on the student progress such as activity report, time spent , number of times logged in, activity-topic frequency etc. bitWise has upgraded their platform with machine learning algorithms which track the pace and difficulty when a student takes the courses. I am also able to see what concepts my daughter has mastered and where she needs help.”


Student, USA
“There was ample opportunity to review difficult concepts in different contexts. I could go back to any Topic that I wanted. Thanks for the great lessons. I’ll be sure to use and recommend your online courses to all my friends.”


Student, USA
“I strongly recommend bitWise to other students who want to learn programming in a fun way without going to a class room. I am able to learn computer science and game programming in the comfort of my home and my computer.”


Student, INDIA
“Learning programming is so much fun. The format is easy to understand and very engaging. It gave me a sense of one-on-one interaction that I thought was only possible in a classroom setting.”


“For the past one year, my son has been taking online classes in computer programming at bitWise Academy. While I was initially skeptical whether my fourth grader will be engaged in an online course, I quickly found out that bitWise was different. Now I am a believer and I have enrolled my son again for the second year.”


Project Manager, USA
"My daughter has been using bitWise since 2014 when she was in second grade. It has allowed her to pick up game programming in a fun and entertaining way and developed an interest in STEM. She liked the courses and tools so much, she was self driven and highly motivated in learning and doing all the exercises.”

Adaptive eLearning Combined with Immersive Content

Adaptive eLearning Platform

Adaptive eLearning Platform

Our platform has to be experienced to be believed! The bitWise platform delivers an immersive and unique experience that is not to be found in any other eLearning platform. We are the #1 adaptive eLearning platform that delivers teaching led by Chatbot avatars. Students are so engaged and love it very much.

Immersive Content

The content is immersive and interactive! Students do not just watch mind-numbing videos under the guise of eLearning. Our content is delivered to students in an exciting manner, leaving the student wanting more interaction and ready to start the next topic upon finishing one topic.

Gamification & Achievements

Gamification is incorporated into the platform at all levels, right from within the interactive content to awarding badges and certificates for milestones and achievements. We have leaderboards for various categories to promote student achievements across bitWise

Friends Circle

Friends Circle is a student favorite. Students can create their own social fabric, keep their friends informed of their achievements, and share what they have been learning on bitWise. The platform provides a safe and monitored environment for students to message each other and share information. Parents are aware of the activities and messages within the Friends Circle.

Raving Testimonials

Our testimonials are amazing. Parents and students are raving about the content, the experience, and the ease of self-paced learning that our platform delivers. Parents of our current students are even ready to talk to other parents and tell them how good we are.

Personalized to Learning Styles

Our platform adapts to an individual student’s learning abilities and style and helps a student learn difficult concepts easily while building confidence. We have assessments and multiple levels to a course. Our content is broken down into bite-sized topics so that students can spend as little as 10 or 15 minutes and still derive tremendous value from the learning session.

xAPI Standards Compliant

We support the latest standards in eLearning and all our courses as xAPI compliant. We collect rich analytics via xAPI statements and feed that into our adaptive learning algorithms. We also utilize several metrics and data points to continuously understand the progress and learning abilities of our students

Chatbots and Community Support

Students are supported by always available Chatbots, Community forums, and engaging documentation. Students questions will never go unanswered at bitWise.

bitWise Community

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