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Registration for Fall 2017 Computer Science Classes Open

  • CS102: AP Computer Science  (Suggested for High Schoolers) Starts September 21

$835 for AP Computer Science.  Thursdays 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Total of 23 classes during the academic year. AP Computer Science classes will be conducted at Learning Bee in Fremont

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Additional Information

CS102 -AP Computer Science A

The bitWise approach systematically covers the required AP syllabus and provides students with access to a wide variety of examples and free-response problems. Students will also have opportunities to take simulated tests toward the end of the course.

AP Computer Science A is a highly involved course with a vast syllabus covering the Java Programming language and program implementation making it additionally challenging to comprehensively prepare for the exam. The AP Exam consists of two sections. Each section is 1 hour 30 minutes in duration and is 50% of the AP exam score. Section I contains multiple choice questions covering topics including OOP, programming fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, recursion, software engineering, and problem solving, Section II poses free-response questions which require knowledge of Java programming.

Below is an 80-page detailed course description from AP College Board –

Register for AP Computer Science A