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bitWise just launched its online Early Access Program. Access to the Early Access Program (EA Program) is by invitation only. We are limiting the participation in our exclusive EA Program to 100 students. The students will experience our online course titled “Introduction to Computer Programming With Scratch.”

This EA Program is open to students in Grades 1 – 6 at this time. It is a highly entertaining, immersive, and interactive which is completely hands-on.

The course contains 10 Lessons with each Lesson further broken down into Topics. Students can learn at their own pace and will take a quiz to move from one Lesson to the next. Students will be awarded an achievement badge upon completing each Lesson and the quiz for that Lesson. At the end of the course is another online quiz. Upon passing the quiz students will receive a certificate of completion.

A Parent or Group Leader must register and then can add one or more students under that group. Each student will receive his or her own login and can take the course in a self-paced manner. We are providing a discounted access to the course at this time for the invited students. The cost of enrollment per student is $50.

The parents and students who participate in the alpha will also get an opportunity to interact with me and provide direct feedback. This feedback will be aggregated and form the basis of content and requirements for our beta launch. This is a unique opportunity to be at the leading edge of education technology and be part of an exciting company that is bringing computer science education in an integrated, interactive and progressive manner to students in Grades K – 12.

If you would like to receive the registration code to join the early access launch, please visit https://bitwise.academy and enter your email address and click the “Notify Me” button. We are manually processing all requests and you will receive a special registration code with instructions to join the program within 1 business day.

Our corporate website is http://www.bitwiseacademy.com