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Our instructors have a great background in computer science and information technology, having worked in the industry for several years.


Lead Instructor: G Venkat

Venkat started programming as an 8 year-old third grader in the late seventies.  At that time neither computers nor materials were available for grown-ups, let alone kids.  He got creative and utilized the local public library and the British Council to get access to a computer and to programming books.  He learned to solve programming problems at a young age. His ability to program, develop logical thinking, and solve problems went a long way to making him very successful later on in high school and college. He has had a stellar professional career.

His research interests include IoT, distributed computing, mobility, large scale high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, real-time analytics, search, and Cloud.  He holds a B.Tech . degree from The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-M), Madras, India, MS and Ph.D. (ABD) in Interdisciplinary Studies (Computer Science and Aerospace) from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Throughout his studies he was awarded prestigious fellowships and grants including grants from NASA.

Previously, Venkat headed global practices at Infosys spanning IT Strategy and Technology Modernization.  Venkat is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple startups successfully raising capital.  His startups have spanned areas such as real-time predictive analytics, middle-ware and embedded systems engineering, SaaS, education, and consulting services. Venkat has two decades of experience in global technology management and was also a respected University researcher and lecturer.  Venkat continues to serve as an advisor to startups and early stage VCs, drawing on his deep expertise in computer science, emerging technologies, software development and management consulting.