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Parents are the key decision makers when it comes to students joining classes online or in-person. bitWise has made the process of evaluating and registering very simple for parents.

Students join bitWise Academy across all grades, K - 12. We have almost equal participation from girls and boys. While many of our students are registered in the United States, our student population is going global as we are attracting students from Asia as well.

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It is a simple three-step process for a parent to register a student on bitWise Academy.

  1. Parents have to first establish an account by registering themselves.  
  2. Then they have to select a particular subscription that would be appropriate for their student and check out. Parents can purchase one or more subscriptions at this time.
  3. Create a student account and assign the student to the subscription.  If multiple subscriptions are purchased, a parent can create an individual account for each student.  A student has to have an email address that is different from the parent email address

While the parent would have selected their password during registration, the student receives an email at their registered email address along with a system generated password.  The student or parent can login and change the system generated password.  Students can start learning immediately on bitWise Academy.

Every interaction a student has with the eLearning environment is recorded and used for various analysis by our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.  This allows bitWise to personalize and adapt to the learning styles, pace, and current knowledge of every student.  Parents and students receive detailed reports including graphs that identify concepts that a student needs more help in and concepts that have been mastered.  Parents can see the reports associated with all their students whereas an individual student will only be able to see their own reports.

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What People Say

Testimonials from real parents and students worldwide


Parent of 6th Grader

“As a parent, I get the metrics on the student progress such as activity report, time spent , number of times logged in, activity-topic frequency etc. bitWise has upgraded their platform with machine learning algorithms which track the pace and difficulty when a student takes the courses. I am also able to see what concepts my daughter has mastered and where she needs help.”


Student, USA
“There was ample opportunity to review difficult concepts in different contexts. I could go back to any Topic that I wanted. Thanks for the great lessons. I’ll be sure to use and recommend your online courses to all my friends.”


Student, USA
“I strongly recommend bitWise to other students who want to learn programming in a fun way without going to a class room. I am able to learn computer science and game programming in the comfort of my home and my computer.”


Student, INDIA
“Learning programming is so much fun. The format is easy to understand and very engaging. It gave me a sense of one-on-one interaction that I thought was only possible in a classroom setting.”


“For the past one year, my son has been taking online classes in computer programming at bitWise Academy. While I was initially skeptical whether my fourth grader will be engaged in an online course, I quickly found out that bitWise was different. Now I am a believer and I have enrolled my son again for the second year.”


Project Manager, USA
"My daughter has been using bitWise since 2014 when she was in second grade. It has allowed her to pick up game programming in a fun and entertaining way and developed an interest in STEM. She liked the courses and tools so much, she was self driven and highly motivated in learning and doing all the exercises.”

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